When you hear the word Gambit, you might think of the auburn haired, card-throwing mutant who appears in the X-Men comic book series. Sorry for the false advertisement but this story has nothing to do with him. According to Deadline, Doug Liman is in negotiations to direct the remake of the 1966 film of the same name that starred Oscar winners Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine.

The screenplay for Gambit was written by the ridiculously talented Joel and Ethan Coen and centers on “a cat burglar who tries to rob a billionaire of his priceless statue and enlists the help of a waitress who is a dead ringer for the victim’s late wife. While the burglar has carefully planned the job in his head, the execution is complicated by his relationship with his pretty accomplice.”

The film will mark the first time in 25 years that the Coen Brothers have written a script that they won’t also direct. Liman has several projects in development at the moment including his prison break drama, Attica Uprising. If he signed on to direct Gambit, we wouldn’t be completely against it. He proved with the Bourne Identity that he can do a slick and stylish action movie without making it campy. P.S., we forgive him for Jumper.

Do you think Liman should direct Gambit?