Holy multimillion dollar deal Batman! Warner Bros and IMAX have taken a huge step in their partnership by agreeing to release up to 20 films over the next 3 years. That means Harry Potter and the next Batman sequel will be two of many blockbusters that will appear on IMAX screens all over the world.

Some of the films expected to benefit from this newly extended deal include, Legends of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, Happy Feet 2, The Hobbit, Gravity, Dark Shadows, Fury Road, Batman 3 and Superman. This could also be a great exhibition vehicle for any upcoming DC Comics adaptations like a possible Justice League movie. Since Potter and his wizard buddies are on their way out, comic book properties would be the logical place for the studio to look for new tentpole material.

From the group of films listed as IMAX contenders, Dark Shadows stands out like a sore thumb. Are they referring to the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp Dark Shadows or something else because that movie doesn’t really scream IMAX to us. It’s an adaptation of a horror-themed soap opera, besides Depp what’s the draw there?

The collaboration of the WB with IMAX will give us some exciting prospects, 2010-2013 will be 3 very good years for the companies and us.

What do you think of The WB and IMAX’s new deal? Do you think it was a smart move? What films are you excited to see?

Source: THR