Are you ready for Clash of The Titans 2? If you’re not, too bad because Warner Bros is producing it anyway. The 3D remake of the classic 1981 film has earned over $388 million worldwide and the studio wants more. According to Deadline, expect to see Sam Worthington sporting his leather skirt and shield one more time.

Along with Warner Bros, their partners Legendary Pictures are looking to have the next Clash in theaters sometime in 2012. The bad news or good news (depends on how you look at it) is that Louis Leterrier will not be returning to direct. He’ll still be involved as one of the executive producers and Greg Berlanti will pen the story. The studio is currently looking at various agencies trying to find a new director and screenwriter to get things started.

The big reason behind the studio’s plan to fast track the film is Worthington’s busy schedule. They want to get him on board before he has to leave and shoot Avatar 2. Even though I didn’t hate Clash as much as everyone else the film does not need a sequel. The story doesn’t really permit it. They’d have to start from scratch and give Perseus a new challenge and a new crew (SPOILER) because he’s the sole survivor at the end of the film.

The fact that they’re trying to rush through this movie isn’t helping. We all know what happens when movies aren’t properly developed, they suck. That’s probably the real reason Leterrier wanted out of the director’s chair, he got enough backlash the first time around. He can smell the failure a mile away and so can we.

Do you think they should make a Clash of the Titans sequel? What new characters should they include?