If you’re an avid viewer of ABC’s Lost you were probably pissed that last night’s episode was a rerun. Over the past few seasons, the show has been running straight with no repeats and out of the blue we’re forced to watch Richard’s backstory–again? What the hell? We thought the whole reason the show started premiering in February was so we could avoid this type of crap. Thank God the folks over at the TV Squad got to the bottom of this and discovered the real reason behind the scheduling faux pas.

According to “Lost” publicist, Jeffrey Fordis the repeat episode that aired was already pre-planned. ABC picked up 16 episodes of the show to cover 17 weeks, hence the glitch in Tuesday’s mostly new lineup. We’re not sure why they chose this week in particular to throw it in. It might have something to do with May sweeps and them not wanting the show to end too early.

Fordis says the people in the programming department made the decision as to what rerun would air and when. But his overall response seemed kind of vague. In the world of “Lost” you can’t trust anyone, not even their PR people.

This still doesn’t stop us from feeling cheated. We’re used to seeing new episodes back-to-back and last night completely messed up our weekly rhythm. It’s just not a Tuesday without some fresh Jack and Sawyer action on the small screen.

Were you surprised that last night’s Lost was a rerun? Did you feel cheated?