Earlier today our dreams came true when HBO premiered the first cast photo for their upcoming season of “True Blood.” Just when we thought our vampire craving was satisfied for the week we discovered something even more awesome, a mini-episode! Yahoo got their hands on some new footage that features Eric and his right-hand woman (vampire) Pam. Beware of the hot Scandinavian bloodsucker ahead…

In this installment of “A Drop of True Blood” Eric and Pam are auditioning dancers for their vampire bar Fangtasia and they go through a lot of untalented characters before they find the right one. And by the right one, we mean a young lady who’s barely dressed and is willing to give them everything she’s got.

We hope this is the first of many episodes that HBO will release while we’re awaiting the June 13th premiere of season 3. Just seeing Eric and Pam go at it with their dry sense of humor reminded us of the good old days. The dancers who showed up to audition were some of the most random people we’ve ever seen, especially the hairy overweight guy, who looks genuinely shocked when he’s asked to leave. That’s the comedic and trashy element that “True Blood” knows how to tackle without going over the top.

On a side note, did anyone else notice Eric’s flip flops in this scene? God we miss that man!

What do you think of the first True Blood mini-episode?