This past Sunday, the First Annual TCM Film Festival closed with the North American premiere of the restored 1927 classic Metropolis. ScreenCrave was on hand (read our in depth review) to get a sneak peak at the revised print that has been pumped with new footage historians thought was lost forever. This year, the film will be opening in select cities starting next month and a new trailer has been released to promote it. Take a look…

Kino International is behind the newly revived Metropolis that will include 25 minutes of extra footage as well as the DVD and Blu-ray release that’s expected to occur sometime later this year.

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Shortly after the German film premiered back in 1927 it was re-cut to appease foreign and American audiences. Since then the missing footage has popped up in various museums and private collector archives causing it to be restored several times over. The latest batch of film surfaced in 2008 when a 16mm negative was found in Argentina (how did it get all they way down there?) that featured almost all of the deleted scenes.

When the negative was found it was in terrible condition and in the latest reissue you can definitely tell the older footage from the new because it has a scratchy, fuzzy appearance to it. Even though aestically it’s not 100%, it works miracles for the story. So many sub-plots are flushed out because of the new material, which only strengthens the film’s overall message.

Here’s the schedule for the limited theatrical run of Metropolis

  • Film Forum  - New York, NY – May 7
  • Laemmle Royal Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – May 14
  • The Cleveland Museum of Art – Cleveland, OH May 21-23
  • Detroit Film Theatre -  Detroit, MI - June 11-20
  • George Eastman House – Rochester, NY - June 26-27
  • Cornell Cinema – Ithaca, NY - June 26
  • San Francisco Silent Film Festival – San Francisco, CA - July 16
  • Tampa Theatre – Tampa, FL – August 29
  • Michigan Theater -  Ann Arbor, MI - September 12 & 14

Are you interested in seeing Metropolis on the big screen?