It’s time! Iron Man 2 is about to hit theaters! Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. are back with another installment in their witty, yet action packed franchise. There has been so much anticipation for this film since its trailer debuted (which we sweded) last summer at Comic-Con. The sequel is a solid follow up that comes through with everything you would anticipate from Iron Man, but don’t expect to walk out of the theater with the same “wow” feeling you had after the first film. This is a whole different beast…

The Plot:

The Good:

  • RDJ as Iron Man: I think we’ve already covered this a million times. The man is genius and he’s perfect for the role. Done!
  • Sam Rockwell: As always, one of the most under-rated actors of all times puts in another impressive, scene stealing performance. And despite his absence from the poster his scenes with Mickey Rourke were by far some of the best scenes in the film.
  • Comedy: Yet again, Favreau mixes wit with action giving the intelligent folk in the audience something to chew while things blow up. Although I feel like there was a bit less humor than the first film, it was still strongly present and effective.
  • Mickey Rourke: This role was made for Rourke, Ivan is tough, barely speaks unless he has something great to say, he intimidates everyone around him, he lets no one tell him what to do, and he has a lot of evil smirks — Favreau just had to take the risk of working with him. But since Favreau seems to like come-back kids it’s not big surprise that he’s in the film and that he does a brilliant job. From the way he delivers his lines to his maniacal chuckle, hes subtle, powerful and extremely fun to watch.
  • Visuals: Although the fight scenes are sparce, they’re extremely well done, especially Rourke’s first fight scene with Downey Jr. Overall, some really impressive action with some amazing visual effects. I love how this film proves that you don’t need 3-D in order to be pulled into a film.

The Bad:

  • The Techie Side: As much the techie stuff is fun and very much a part of Iron Man, there were far to many “and back to the workshop!” scenes/montages. We spend about 60% of the film building things, 30% talking about the things being built, and 10% using said products. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I kind of wanted more action and a bit less build up.

The Upsetting:

  • Accents: It would have made for a far more intelligent and interesting ending if Scarlett Johansson would have gone for the Russian accent. I’m still not sure why she didn’t? But at the end, when she and Ivan face off, they need to both be Russian for it to have the full effect!
  • The Story: It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t the brilliant show stopper that the first film was. It lagged in some parts and overall was good, but not great.


There’s nothing bad about this film. It’s a good film, but it’s almost impossible to live up to the surprise and shock of the first film. It’s hard to really fault it because there is nothing wrong with it. As I keep saying, it’s good! But I think we all wanted to feel the way we felt after walking out of the first film and sadly that just doesn’t happen.

Rating: 7.5/10

Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7th! See it on an IMAX screen, the visuals are definitely worth it!



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