This Sunday, Conan O’Brien will sit down and get serious with the folks over at CBS’ long running news magazine, “60 Minutes.” It will be the late night host’s first television interview since his departure from NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” There’s a lot of red tape that might prevent O’Brien from dishing every sordid detail about his former bosses but we’re sure he’ll give us some insight as to what went on behind the scenes.

O’Brien will appear on the May 2nd episode of “60 minutes,” which is literally one day after his television ban is lifted via his exit deal with NBC. But he doesn’t get off that easy, within the interview he can’t “disparage ” the network because if he does his multimillion dollar severance package could go out the window. Also, CBS isn’t allowed to air any promotions for the show that feature O’Brien talking in the interview, which was conducted by veteran journalist Steve Kroft.

On the surface this looks like a great opportunity to tell the world what really happened between him, Jay Leno, and the network but we don’t think he’ll throw NBC under the bus. Not only because of the legal ramifications but because he’s developing an hour long drama for them so it would be a bad business move. As for Leno, he might turn him into public enemy number one. The chin is fair game in this situation. We say let him have it!

Will you tune in to see O’Brien on 60 minutes? Do you think he should go after Leno and NBC?

Source: Washington Post