Could William Shatner finally go where no Star Trek alum has gone before? According to several reports, The Shat might return to his native Canada to take a spot in public office…sort of. Apparently, a group of his loyal fans and fellow Canadians have gotten together and started a Facebook campaign to get the actor in the Governor General’s seat.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can become the Governor of California, is there a legitimate reason why Shatner can’t get down with some political action? On the support group’s Facebook page it states that Canada’s current Governor General Michaelle Jean will soon be vacating her seat (as early as July 1st) and Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the only one who can nominate a replacement.

There’s a huge mission statement on the page as to why Canadians need to support Shatner and push for his nomination and Trekkies from all over have responded with almost 40,000 “Likes.” We’re not 100% sure about the actor’s credentials but if the Governator can do it, there’s no harm in trying right?

Facebook seems to be the place to go when it comes to getting things done. The campaign to get Betty White on SNL originated there and after it gained thousands of fans, guess what happened? White will be hosting the show in a couple of weeks, just like they wanted.

Will the same method work for Shatner or will the ‘shat’ (lame, but I had to write it) hit the fan?

Do you think Shatner should be nominated for Governor General?