Last year, there was plenty of internet buzz surrounding French director Alexandre Aja and his upcoming 3D horror film Piranha 3-D. We saw a few photos pop up on the net and even a fake trailer made its way onto YouTube but nothing legit had been released. Today, the first official teaser trailer has debuted over on Trailer Addict and it’s just as campy and horrific as you thought it’d be. Check it out…

The strangest thing about Piranha 3-D isn’t its ridiculous title or premise but its surprisingly legit cast. The film stars Elisabeth Shue (what happened to her career?), Richard Dreyfuss (really), Christopher Lloyd, and one of my personal favorites Adam Scott, who’s perfect in almost everything he does. The film will debut in theaters on August 27th but until then check out your first real look at the spectacle that is Piranha 3-D.

Everyone involved with this are either in it for the money or want to pay homage to the horror genre. Dreyfuss is obviously doing a wink, wink, nudge, nudge to his character in Jaws by starring in a another film that urges people to “stay out of the water.” Piranha 3-D reminds me of this made for TV movie that aired on CBS a few years back called Spring Break Shark Attack. Both films look like they were produced with the same budget, one just lucked up and got a theatrical release.

What do you think of the teaser trailer for Piranha 3-D?