In the latest clip released from the Iron Man 2 marketing machine we see an intense moment between Tony Stark and his new rival Ivan Vanko. This scene is nowhere near as violent as their encounter on the race track that’s shown in the trailer, instead it’s all a game of mental manipulation. Check out Oscar nominees Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke go toe to toe with their words…

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While Stark is driving on the track Vanko appears on the warpath in full Whiplash gear. This scene in the prison cell looks like the follow up to that incident and features Stark grilling Vanko about the design of his suit, which looks eerily similar to his own.

Listening to Rourke and Downey banter back and forth is just a tip of the iceberg of what we’ll see when the film hits theaters. Can you imagine 2 hours of those two going at it? If you need to play catch up with what Paramount has released so far you can check out the Black Widow and Justin Hammer clips for more sneak peeks.

What do you think of Rourke and Downey in the Prison Cell clip from Iron Man 2?