It sounds like Clive Owen is ready to make a return to more action oriented roles with his latest gig entitled, The Killer Elite. According to Variety the Oscar nominated actor will star alongside Jason Statham in the Gary McKendry directed film. When was the last time we saw Owen let off some serious rounds? Was it Shoot’em Up because we blocked that film out of our memory.

The premise for The Killer Elite isn’t particularly original but it might be able to get the job done if the acting and direction is right. It’s based on Ranulph Fiennes’ novel The Feather Men and follows a group of former British special forces members being hunted by a team of assassins led by Statham’s character, a former Navy Seal. Owen will play “a senior field operative and member of a clandestine group protecting former special forces soldiers and their families.”

The shoot will begin on May 13th and run through mid-July in Melbourne, Australia. It will then move over to Wales later that month. Will Owen and Statham fight side by side or be villains with a shared interest? Dun, dun, dun! Either way, it’s time for Owen to get back into the game. During the early 2000s he was such a hot commodity but in recent years his career seems to have simmered down a bit. Someone give this man a gun and let him kick-ass and take names later.

What do you think of the Owen and Statham combo?