Anjelica Huston had a full schedule this weekend when she attended the First Annual (hopefully) TCM Classic Film Festival along with her brother Danny to celebrate their family’s acting dynasty. While participating in a panel for her father’s (John) film, The Treasure of The Sierra Madre she discussed one of her upcoming projects, the much talked about Jonathan Levine-Seth Rogen cancer comedy.

It was announced back in February that Huston along with veteran actor Phillip Baker Hall had joined the cast of the untitled film that centers on a 25-year-old who learns he has cancer. The character is based on the real experiences of screenwriter Will Reiser who was diagnosed with the disease in his mid-20s and successfully battled it over several years.

On the film’s IMDB page, Huston’s character doesn’t have a name and isn’t listed with a description but this past Saturday she cleared up the mystery.

I was making an untitled…I wish I could tell you the title of movie, with Seth Rogen and a wonderful young director called Jonathan Levine with Joe Gordon-Levitt and Bryce Dallas Howard. I think it’s going to be a very beautiful film. I play the mother of a boy who gets cancer and it’s moving, it’s funny, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

She also stated that she believes the film has wrapped production, which occurred about a week after she left the Canada-based shoot. It sounds like Rogen and Levine brought out the big dogs for this movie. We can’t wait to see Huston and Levitt share some emotional scenes together because we’re sure their performances will knock it out of the park.

Are you interested in seeing Levine’s Untitled Cancer Comedy? What do you think of the mother son combo of Huston and Levitt?