Entertainment Tonight recently did a behind the scenes story on Scarlett Johansson and her Iron Man 2 character Black Widow. Out of all the new additions to the film, including Don Cheadle as James Rhodes, Johansson is the one we’ve all been worried about. When ET went on a set visit they shot some footage of the actress doing stunt work, interacting with the cast and of course sporting that famous bodysuit. We also have a second clip that includes a scene from the movie and no, she doesn’t have a Russian accent. It’s not happening. Take a look…

Ever since it was announced that Johansson would be playing Black Widow fans across the world have been trying to picture her in the role. Emily Blunt was originally cast in the part but forced out because of a contractual obligation to another studio so in a way Johansson got the role by default. She has a lot to prove in this movie and in the following clip we see her castmates sing her praises as she tries to put her own spin on the Russian spy.

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This is a scene that debuted over at Moviefone that features Tony and Pepper Potts discussing whether or not they should hire the suspicious ‘Natalie Rushman’ to be his new assistant.

We thought Black Widow was supposed to be covert? She obviously looks like she has a hidden agenda in this scene and the only one who can see it is Pepper. It’s called a woman’s intuition mixed in with a little jealousy.

What do you think of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow? Do you think she’ll do a good job in the role?