Over the past year Sandra Bullock’s career has had a lot of ups in downs. The same year she won the Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side she also picked up a Razzie award for her  sh*tty performance in All About Steve. She was one of the few actors who actually attended the Razzies ceremony and picked it up in person. Now according to a recent report from EW, the Razzies want their award back, not because she didn’t deserve it but because they gave her the wrong trophy.

The show coordinators weren’t aware that Bullock planned on picking up her award so they didn’t have a trophy ready. Instead of giving her the cheap $5 dollar statue that’s typically issued, they handed her the original Razzie prototype. The actress’ publicist Cheryl Maisel had this to say about the mix up:

“We were never contacted by them to return the Razzie,” Maisel tells E! News. “I contacted them yesterday to check the validity of the story and was only told then that we had been given the wrong award. We will be returning the Razzie to them shortly.”

There you have it. Bullock was accidentally given the originator when she was supposed to get a sup-par piece of plastic like everyone else. At least she had the balls to go up and receive her award in person. The last time an actress did that it was Halle Berry for her monstrous performance in Catwoman, which was WELL deserved.

Do you think Bullock should give back her Razzie?

Source: Eonline