Max Irons has been cast in the new Catherine Hardwicke movie Girl with the Red Riding Hood, starring Amanda Seyfried. Also set to star are Julie Christie and newly cast Gary Oldman. The gothic retelling of the classic won’t be like the one we all heard when we were children. This one includes arranged marriages, love and much more…

Earlier this week, Shiloh Fernandez was cast as an orphaned woodcutter whom Seyfried’s character falls in love with. Irons, on the other hand, will play Henri, the son of a blacksmith, and the one Seyfried is arranged to marry. Mediaeval enough for you yet? Christie will play Seyfried’s grandmother, and Oldman will take on the hero-role of Father Soloman, whose job is to find the werewolf terrorizing the girl with the red riding hood and kill him.

The story seems to have a lot of characters thus far, all of which have an important role in the story. Although the plot sounds nothing like the classic story we once heard, the arranged marriages and new characters suggests some nasty (and interesting) plot twists. Plus, Oldman is always amazing whether he’s the hero or the villain.

What do you think of the latest castings?

via Heat Vision