At a press conference for The Losers, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said “Let the A-Team worry about us” and he may have a good point! It looks like the A-Team has got themselves some competition! After much discrepancy over the release date between the two film The Losers, which is another film about a rogue military group who perform a bunch of interesting hijacks and blow up a lot of stuff between humorous lines, hits theaters this weekend with a bang!

It’s hard not to let “The Losers” win you over! Find out why below…

The Players:

The Plot:

The Losers are a special black-ops team whose members originated from several different branches of the military. In their own units, each one of them at some point or another lost a soldier under their command, hence they dubbed themselves “The Losers.” In the midst if a mission, the government decides they want them dead, for no real good reason, and they have to go underground to find out how to save their reputations and destroy “Max”.

The Good:

  • Chris Evans: I always thought of him as another one for those good-looking, extremely buff, cliched male actors… until this film. Who knew that he had a nerdy, over the top, humorous side to him? Evans’ was probably the only actor (although the rest of them all put in solid performances) that really brought a character to the big screen. He had amazing energy at all times and had amazing comedic timing. His lines very easily could have been cheesy but due to his performance, they were the highlight of the movie. Especially “That’s right bitches, I got a cross bow.” Hell yes!
  • Fun to Watch: With so many comedic/graphic novel/action films coming out one can easily get bored and/or feel like they’re watching a film they’ve seen before. Not everything in this film was unique but it was a fun and entertaining the whole way through.
  • The Humor: Thankfully the filmmakers seemed to realize that the film is ridiculous and they needed to just have fun with it. They don’t try to exist in reality, the go for fantasy and it’s pure fun.
  • Run Time: Finally! An action film that keeps it to the point! I’m so sick of sitting in theaters for 120 minutes. 98 minutes is all you need to have a good time. Everything was to the point, the pace was fast, and you didn’t feel like there was any unnecessary baggage.
  • The Ending: As I’ll talk about below, the film didn’t start out with a bang for me, but it sure did finish with one!

The Bad:

  • The Start: The first ten minutes, which try so hard to be fast paced and action-packed don’t really suck you into the world… in fact they do the opposite. It may have been the subject matter which they had to have because of the graphic novel, but it really distanced the audience from the story. Luckily it quickly recovered and pulled the audience in with all of the unique and charming characters.


Buy yourself some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the ride! If you’re looking for a fun time in the theaters, this is the perfect film and would make for a great double-hitter with Kick-Ass.

Rating: 8.75/10

The Losers will be in theaters April 23rd!

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