Can someone please stop the madness? The 3D trend has sunk its teeth into another victim, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender. The last time we checked people already had issues with this film because of its “racebending” and now Paramount wants to lace it with 3D? Is that supposed to peak our interest and make the movie magically better?

According to Deadline, Paramount has hired the folks over at Stereo D to convert The Last Airbender into 3D. They’re the same company that worked with James Cameron on Avatar. We guess dropping his name is supposed to ease our fears but it doesn’t. Cameron actually shot Avatar in 3D, which is one of the reasons why the final product looked so good.

Unlike Clash of the Titans the release date for Airbender will remain July 2nd because the studio has more than enough time to make the conversion before it hits theaters. There are so many 3D films flooding the market that 2D movies have become a novelty. The industry continues to force this “technology” down our throats and judging from the opening weekends of Clash and Alice in Wonderland we continue to eat it up.

Are you surprised that The Last Airbender is being converted into 3D? Are you sick of 3D yet?