Michele Mulroney and Kieran Mulroney’s film Paper Man originally premiered last year at LA Film Festival where it was loved, cherished, and left without a home until now. It has finally worked its way to the public and will be released in select theaters April 23rd (yay!).

The film is sweet and charming with a darkly comedic edge. It’s filled with amazing acting and if you’re a film-lover, you’ll appreciate the amazing details that went into making the film. From the lighting to the costumes there were so many good decisions made on this film. To top it off it beautifully balances comedy with drama and treats it’s viewers like they have a brain.

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The Players:

The Plot:

The film is comedic drama about Richard, a novelist who has had an imaginary friend Captain Excellent since he was 8-years-old. While his wife is away, he attempts to make a real life friend with a 17-year-old kindred soul whose boyfriend  treats her like shit and her only friend is more like a stalker than someone she can rely on. Both have their own demons to overcome but are able to do so with the film of one another.

The Good:

  • Great Acting: Overall, the casting for this film was spot on. Daniels is quirky, endearing, and easy to side with even when he’s acting completely insane. Kudrow is the realistic and relatable. It’s a compliment when I say that Parrish acted like the ultimate douche-bag, and on the same toekn Culkin is perfectly creepy as all hell. Ryan Reynolds plays an imaginary super-hero in tights… I can’t imagine ANYONE more perfect for the part. Then there’s Stone…
  • Emma Stone: Out of all the actors, Stone was the most surprising for me. Often you get a pretty girl, wearing a hoody and a lot of eye-liner and we’re supposed to believe she’s dark and troubled… but not with Stone. She inhabited the character from the inside out and you could feel her struggle from within even when she was smiling. Really impressive, I can’t wait to see her do more dramatic work.
  • Interesting Shots: For such a simple movie, the shots were rather complex and really added to what was going on beneath the main story. They were able to get a lot of depth across with some very interesting camera angles and really great lighting.
  • Interesting Script: I have a few small complaints, but overall, I loved how the story unfolded, although it wasn’t as surprising as I would have liked (you’ll understand when you see it), it had a lot of depth and complexities to it without ever getting too dramatic.
  • Music: There were moments where the film could have become a little too serious and the music really helped it and added some much need humor in a few key spots.

The Bad:

  • Tone: Sometimes it didn’t need to go as dark as it did. I think it would have been as strong without being as dark, but then again, it’s still a very solid film and extremely fun to watch.


Great film. It’s out of the box and yet extremely easy to relate it. Great acting. Great choices from the filmmakers. Go see it!

Rating: 9/10

Paper Man will be in theaters April 23rd.



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