Ready to see dolphins spinning in mid air? Great white sharks peacefully swimming alongside human beings? Seals lounging on the beach? Baby turtles running for their lives as evil seagulls pluck them up as an afternoon snack? Actually that part I kind of could have lived without… but hey it’s all part of the natural cycle of the ocean! Disney’s latest documentary adventure Oceans takes you on a wild ride with never before seen footage of our oceans that will blow you away!

The Players:

  • Narrator: Pierce Brosnan
  • Directors: Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud
  • Produced by: Jacques Perrin, Nicolas Mauvernay, Romain Le Grand
  • Executive Producer: Jake Eberts
  • Disneynature Executive Producer: Don Hahn

The Good:

  • The Visuals: There is no doubt, this film is beyond beautiful to watch. The worlds they take you to would make James Cameron blush. There is no competition when it comes to the true beauty of nature and they way they caught it on camera is majestic. From a sea-lion letting the waves wash him to shore because he’s too lazy to move, to a great white shark catching its lunch… the film is beautiful beyond belief.
  • The Story: On an individual level, certain sea animals get far more screen time than others and I wish that they all could have had more because the simple stories that the animals tell you with a nod or a cry tell you more than any script ever could.
  • Great Personality: Overall they really managed to capture the great personality of all the different types of animals and the ocean as a whole.

The Bad:

  • Facts: There was so many amazing visuals, but sometimes I needed more facts behind them. It’s beautiful to see them, but I wanted to know why things were happening not just see what was happening.
  • Flow: It felt like everything went from one put to the other without any fluidity (odd for a movie about oceans). Then would go from “play time” to “feedings” with a mention of “motherly love” to “play time” to a moment of tragedy and so on. It just seemed to have no rhythm or reason and therefore was to really ever feel sucked in. Everything moved along more like a music video than a movie.
  • Depressing in the Wrong Ways: Lets face it, nature can be depressing. You’ve got cute cuddly creatures destroying other cute cuddly creatures all the time, but when watching a film about the wonder of the ocean, it’s hard to watch so much depressing footage, especially when you’re not given the time nor the facts behind what’s going on to fully understand it. It would have been nice to be given the chance to absorb some of the more tragic moments instead of directly cutting to something unrelated. Everything movds along more like a music video than a movie.
  • Environmental Message: Although I like the fact that they didn’t make this an environmental movie, but rather a movie about animals with the underlying tone of “and we’re fucking it all up” it almost seemed to hopefully for our current situation. I think the film needed to take more of a stand on environmental issues instead of letting it all wash beneath the waves.


I wanted to love the film, but I only just liked it. The visuals were absolutely stunning and the animals in it were well represented, but they tried to cover too much without really covering anything. I understand that they had a lot of footage and very little time. Maybe I just wanted a whole series instead of one package! As a whole, the story didn’t quite tie together enough for me and I wish that they would have made more of point about the devastation that our oceans are going through.

Rating: 7.5/10

Oceans is in the theaters Earth Day, April 22nd.



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