After the success of the Spider-Man, X-Men, and most recently the Iron Man franchise Marvel is digging through their catalog to see what other comic characters they can bring to life. With Thor and Captain America in various stages of production the studio is looking to tackle some lesser known heroes and we’re not talking about Ant-Man.

According to a recent report from CHUD, Marvel is looking to produce several smaller superhero movies based on their second and third tier characters. Some of the names being tossed around are Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Ka-Zar, Dazzler and Power Pac. Those names aren’t familiar to the general public, which will allow them to take more risks. A typical movie in the superhero genre costs anywhere from 130 to over $200 million dollars and Marvel is looking to shell out 20 to 40 for these.

To an independent filmmaker that would seem like a lot of money but it’s chump change to a major studio. Remember Disney bought Marvel for around $ 4 billion dollars, they’ve got the money. Even though the fanbase for some of these characters aren’t as big as Spider-Man or Wolverine, they should still try to stay somewhat true to the source material. For example, we’re surprised that Luke Cage was thrown in with this batch. People love that guy, especially Nicholas Cage. There was even talk of Tyrese Gibson starring in a live action film directed by John Singleton a few years back. What happened to that?

Are you familar with any of the heroes mentioned? Do you think these characters can hold their own movie?