Earlier today we reported on Paramount’s decision to convert The Last Airbender into 3D and now it’s been confirmed that Columbia’s doing the same thing with The Green Hornet. This would be the cue for you to scream, rip your hair out, or jump through a window out of sheer frustration because 3D is taking over our lives.

Not only will Green Hornet now appear in 3D but its release date has been pushed back to accommodate the conversion process. The film has had a bad history with dates being shuffled and we thought the studio had found some stability with December 22nd, but we were wrong. Now Hornet is expected to debut on January 14, 2011 during the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend.

Why did this change happen? December will be packed with 3D movies and quite frankly there won’t be enough screens available to carry The Green Hornet. The overcrowding comes courtesy of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (December 10th) Tron Legacy (December 17th), and Gulliver’s Travels (December 22nd) just to name a few.

Do you know what really sucks about this whole thing? This means that Screen Gems 3D adaptation of Priest will probably get pushed back again because it’s also supposed to open on January 14th. There isn’t enough room for all this 3D clutter. Why can’t the studios see the huge mess they’re making for us?

What do you think of The Green Hornet being converted to 3D? What do you think about all the release date changes?

Source: EW