If you were one of the people who hated Avatar because of its transparent message about the environment you shouldn’t be surprised by today’s DVD release. Home entertainment items including CDs and movies typically debut on Tuesdays but James Cameron wanted Avatar‘s to make a point. The movie hit shelves today, April 22nd (a Thursday), which also happens to be Earth Day. Coincidence? You know it’s not.

Over the past few weeks, Cameron has been out promoting Avatar’s DVD release as well as the message behind the film. The Oscar winner has been an active environmentalist ever since he was a teenager so he isn’t new to the “Green” trend.

“I certainly feel a personal sense of responsibility because I made a movie on these issues,” Cameron told the News. “Why? Because they were personally important to me. It’s not like the studio said, ‘Jim we want you to make a movie about the environment.’ No. … They said, ‘We really like the big epic science fiction story, but is there any way we can get this tree-hugging crap out of it?’ ”

Cameron has literally been hopping from city to city, country to country spreading the word about environmental issues. He even announced an “initiative to plant 1,000,000 trees around the world.” He takes Avatar very seriously, so when people compare it to other films with similar subject matter, like The Day After Tomorrow, he takes it to heart.

The Day After Tomorrow was crap science. It was ridiculous, so it was fairly easily dismissed,” Cameron said. “The thing about Avatar is there is no science. There’s no attempt to teach you anything. The only thing that Avatar does, and I think it does it very effectively, is it gives you a sense of moral outrage, a powerful emotional response to something that as any human being with a conscience you probably already feel.”

Ooh, we wonder how Roland Emmerich feels about that “crap science?” Them fighting words! Even though it would be great to pick up a copy of Avatar today, we’re going to wait it out. This first version is said to be pretty basic with just the film and no awesome extras, which probably has something to do with the film being re-released in theaters this summer. When they unveil a special edition, with all the behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes then we’ll come running but until then, we wait.

Are you going to pick up a copy of Avatar today? What do you think about Cameron’s stance on the environment?

Source: NYDailyNews