Last year at the ShoWest Film Festival Sony announced they had plans to produce another sequel in their lucrative Men in Black series entitled, Men in Black 3D. At the time there was no definite word on if star Will Smith would return as Agent Jay or Tommy Lee Jones as his older, wiser partner Agent Kay but according to a recent report from Showbiz 411, both actors will be back to reprise their roles in the second sequel.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld told Roger Freidman that both Smith and Lee have officially signed on star in MIB3 and are awaiting the completion of the script. He also confirmed that the film could be shot in 3D like every other tentpole project released these days. Besides those two revelations, Friedman didn’t get confirmation regarding Josh Brolin’s casting or the possible additions of Sacha Baron Cohen or Jemaine Clement to the film.

Friedman did point out that Sony is looking for a big project to release during the 2011 summer season and MIB3 is a likely candidate. Unfortunately, they’re coming to the box office plate with 2 strikes already against them because these films are typically released around the Fourth of July weekend, and that’s the same week Transformers 3 is scheduled to open (July 1st). Sure people are pissed that Revenge of the Fallen was garbage but they still might return to see if the series can redeem itself, therefore shutting out MIB.

If you had to choose between seeing Men in Black 3 and Transformers 3, which would you go for?