Last month it was announced that Robert De Niro would reprise his role as Jack Walsh in the sequel to the 1988 classic, Midnight Run. The film starred De Niro alongside now retired actor Charles Grodin as Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas. With Grodin out of the game a lot of us were wondering where the story could go, and according to a recent interview with De Niro they might start digging through Mardukas’ gene pool. Deja vu anyone?

The original Midnight Run centered on a bounty hunter assigned to track down a mob accountant and bring him back to Los Angeles. De Niro will return as the bounty hunter and apparently some random young actor will pick up where Grodin left off.

“That where it’s going at this point,” De Niro said, “It’s [Mardukas'] kid.” If the son shows up, it’s safe to at least speculate that the father, Grodin himself, might have a role as well, even if it’s just a cameo.

He also went on to say that the script is finished and  it’s “pretty good” but he doesn’t think Martin Brest will return to direct. They’re still working that part out. All we know about the story is that it was written by Tom Dowling and it will center on a new fugitive for Walsh to track down.

Being in his late sixties, why is Walsh still an active bounty hunter? That’s the only thing that comes to mind with this scenario. I’m all for being an active senior but come on.

What do you think Mardukas’ son taking over his part in the sequel? Who do you think could play the role?

Source: MTV