How many franchises can Will Smith be a part of? First we heard about Men in Black 3, then a possible Independence Day sequel, and now he’s on board for Bad Boys 3. Is he running out of options? While out promoting Death at A Funeral his Bad Boys co-star Martin Lawrence confirmed that a third film in the Michael Bay directed cop series is on the way so hold on to your butts!

Last August it was announced that Bad Boys 3 was in development with the likelihood that both Smith and Martin would return. At the time, we all knew the latter wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to reprise his role in the series that catapulted his career but Smith was another story. He had several projects in development and was busy with his producing duties on films like this summer’s The Karate Kid.

Fast forward several months later and Lawrence is stating that both he and Smith are ready to slip back into their bullet proof vests and blow some sh*t up. In a recent interview with MTV he stated,

“Any time you can get Big Willie to come out and talk about doing a third installment of a hot movie like ‘Bad Boys,’ you have to take notice,” Lawrence explained. I met with Michael Bay, and he said he’s onboard too — so it’s real…We’re just waiting on Jerry Bruckheimer to let us know when it’s really real.”

Back in 1995, the first Bad Boys made Smith, Lawrence, and Bay household names in the world of film (poor Tea Leoni) one explosion at a time. Unlike some people I was fairly entertained by the 2003 sequel Bad Boys II so the thought of a third one isn’t a complete turn off. Plus, Lawrence needs a reason to get back in shape again.

Are you interested in seeing Bad Boys 3? Should they make another one?