Warner Bros has just released a new batch of photos from this month’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. We’ve got 12 high quality images taken directly from the film that feature all the main characters including Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger. We also get our first look at the parents in the cast played by Clancy Brown and “Friday Night Lights” co-star Connie Britton.

Sticking to the premise of the original, this film follows Freddy Krueger as he’s hunted down by the parents of a small town and burned alive for his heinous crimes against children. As his final act of revenge he decides to continue his killing spree but inside the subconscious of kids where no one can save them.

Out of this group the one photo that sticks out like a soar thumb features Katie Cassidy’s character Kris. There’s one shot of her sitting in a classroom with no students and it’s completely dark with the exception of some extreme light coming in from the windows. She’s obviously in the middle of a nightmare and it’s a strong visual that makes me excited to see what the rest of the movie has to offer.

Take a look…

Which photo is your favorite out of this group?

Source: Collider