Don’t act surprised, you knew Hollywood would tackle Treasure Island for the 100th time sooner than later. We heard news about a remake back in February and learned about its development over at Ecosse Films. The producers at the company were inspired by the success of Pirates of the Caribbean and Sherlock Holmes and have decided to bring the old treasure tale back to the big screen.

Ecosse planned on making the story’s protagonist Long John Silver more like Robert Downey Jr.’s version of Sherlock Homes. They also want the relationship between Silver and Jim Hawkins (the narrator) to be similar to Holmes and his dear Watson. With all these Sherlock references we shouldn’t be surprised that one of its producers has decided to make his own version of the film, which will go head to head with Ecosse’s.

Producer Lionel Wigram is developing a Treasure Island remake along with Warner Bros and his banner Wigram Productions. The WB might have the upper hand because their screenplay has been written for almost a month by relative newcomer Michael Gilio, while Ecosse has commissioned Niall Johnson (White Noise) who is still working on it.

There have been over 50 reincarnations of Treasure Island so we’re not sure what either of these studios can do to make their’s stick out. Maybe they’ll hire a few big name stars or lace it with special effects and action? Either way, the story has to remain the same. If they tamper with it die hard fans will be pissed and their audience will be lost. We’ll see how this all plays out.

Which Treasure Island are you more interested in seeing?

Source: Pajiba