Depressing news to report, Nicholas Stoller a man who’s written and directed some pretty decent comedies has decided to take on the live action adaptation of Stretch Armstrong. The film will feature Twilight star Taylor Lautner as the famous flexible hero who will be modernized for today’s young audiences. Just typing that last sentence made my stomach turn but there’s more…

Even though Stoller has plenty of experience as a director he won’t helm this project, instead the gig will go to Monsters Vs. Aliens director Rob Letterman. Stoller and Letterman previously worked together on the upcoming Jack Black comedy, Gulliver’s Travels.

When Stretch Armstrong was first announced they said the story would center on “an uptight spy who stumbles across a stretching formula, which he takes and must now adjust to in everyday life and when fighting crime.” We’re assuming that will be rewritten to include a young OVERLY-muscular teen who stumbles across a stretching formula because nobody will buy Lautner as a grown man (even if he is legally one).

To recap, not only is Stretch Armstrong still happening, but it’s getting a new script, and a director. We need to prepare ourselves for an inevitable wave of sh*tty movies in 2011 and 2012 with this one leading the way. We’re screwed.

What do you think of Nicholas Stoller rewriting Stretch Armstrong? Do you think he can help the project?

Source: Deadline