The Losers will hit theaters on April 23rd but before its big debut we’ve got two new clips from the film. They’re not just scenes or extras, they’re a mixture of both with one highlighting Chris Evans’ character Jensen and the other being a montage that originally debuted at this year’s Wondercon. Check them out…

The Losers are a special black-ops team who are masters of their crafts. In their own units, each one of them at some point or another lost a soldier under their command, hence they dubbed themselves “The Losers.” After a mishap, The Losers are framed and sentenced to be taken out. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Sargent Clay, Idris Elba is Roque, Evans is Jensen, Columbus Short is Pooch, Zoe Saldana is Aisha, and Oscar Jaenada is Cougar.

Wondercon Clip

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Jensen’s Dating Tips

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The clip that featured Jensen’s dating tips was a lot more entertaining than the Wondercon video. The fact that Evans is supposed to be inept and awkward when it comes to women is hilarious. Plus, you can’t help but stare and say to yourself, “Wow, that’s Captain America I’m looking at.”

The Losers is directed by Sylvain White and is an adaptation of the comic book of the same name.

What do you think of the two clips from The Losers? Which one is your favorite?