It is that time of the week again, when we bring you some great deals on DVDs and Blu-RAY. These deals are so great, they will have you wondering why you ever paid the full $20+ for movies before. We have some that are fairly recent (Up in the Air, Iron Man) and some that are older classics (Rambo, Apollo 13). Buying movies has never been easier and prices have never been better.

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Pick of the Week: Sex and the City

This was a tough one since all four movies were good but with the sequel coming out next month, it is only right that you make sure you have seen the original Sex and the City film. Michael Patrick King brought the lives of America’s favorite (at least for women in America) HBO show to the big screen. It’s emotional, it’s fun to watch, it’s something all women should see at least once.


Pick of the Week: Up in the Air

George Clooney can do no wrong as he proved with Up in the Air also starring Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick.  The Jason Reitman drama shows Clooney’s range in acting as he plays a man who works for a company that sends him around the country to fire people. The film was nominated for six Oscars. You will not be disappointed by  buying it.


Pick of the Week: American Gangster

The crime drama featuring the talented Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe shows the other side of the American dream. It is set in 1970′s America and tells the story of a detective trying to bring down a drug empire. Ridley Scott directs the film that is made for a more mature audience with all of its violence, drug content and language  but definitely worth seeing.

Which film is you pick of the week from this week’s list of DVD’s and Blu-RAY?