Another Sunday has passed and another behind the scenes promo has been released for HBO’s “True Blood.” The latest video highlights the show’s vampire with a heart of gold Bill Compton and his off-screen alter ego Stephen Moyer. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen sneak peeks featuring Eric, Sam, and Tara and now old Billy Boy finally gets his turn. Take a look…

The last time we saw Bill it was during the final episode of season 2 and he had just proposed to Sookie. Instead of giving him the immediate answer he wanted she needed to step out to think it over. Big mistake. Check out this new clip to see what’s happened to Bill since that fateful night.

Bill obviously has no problem biting people judging from his bloodied face. We’re not sure who he’s talking to in this scene but whoever it is they’re complaining that he took a chunk of their ear off. What the hell is going on? He’s turned into a savage beast even by vampire standards. Someone needs to remind Bill of how to use words to get his point across.

“True Blood” returns with all new episodes on June 13, 2010.

What do you think of the latest True Blood promo? What do you think happened to Bill?