We recently had the opportunity to speak to Samuel L. Jackson at a round table interview for his new film, Mother and Child where he spilled the beans on his future Marvel projects. He confirmed the production start date for The Avengers and Captain America, and also clarified whether or not he’ll star in his own spin-off movie.

Jackson can’t do an interview these days without someone asking him about Iron Man 2 or his alter ego Nick Fury. Everyone else in The Avengers seem to have their own individual projects except him, which kind of blows considering he’s the man behind this rag tag group of heroes. According to Jackson he doesn’t necessarily need a Nick Fury film stating, “The Avengers is my own starring vehicle for that character, pretty much.”

He went on to say that The Avengers begins shooting in February, which gives him just enough time to get in shape. As for his appearances in Captain America and Thor he confirmed, “I’m not in Thor. Supposed to do Captain America this summer in London.” We guess Thor will be the odd man out in more ways than one when The Avengers hits the big screen in 2012. He’ll be the only hero who wasn’t visited by Nick Fury to personally recruit him for the team. How will they wrangle him in? Maybe The Incredible Hulk we pay him a visit?

Are you surprised that Samuel L Jackson won’t appear in Thor? Are you looking forward to seeing The Avengers start production?