Last weekend, we thought that “Saturday Night Live” would pull out all the stops considering host Ryan Phillippe would be on promoting one of their movies. The SNL based MacGruber will be hitting theaters next month and there wasn’t one sketch during the whole show! Even though Phillippe, Will Forte, and Kristen Wiig were all in attendance, this was the one night Lorne Michaels decided against it. WTF was up with that?

Phillippe’s hosting gig wasn’t so much his fault as it was the writers. It seemed as if he was genuinely down to do whatever they wanted but they put him in the most mundane sketches. The digital short with Andy Samberg that kind of reminded us of a scene from Up in the Air was too strange to be funny and the Teen Talk skit was blah. How many times could they reiterate that the fat, bald producer was partially deaf and would embarrass the kids?

Once again Kristen Wiig was on overload and appeared in damn near every sketch. She’s a talented lady but give the other women a chance. Overall the night was mediocre and delivered a few laughs that mostly came from the Hip Hop Kids sketch. Even though Phillippe couldn’t exactly pull off the “swagger” that his co-stars brought to their characters, Samberg saved the day as the voice of reason during their ridiculous bear cave scenario.

Check out my favorite skit of the night…

What did you think of last week’s SNL? Were you surprised that there was no MacGruber?