Former child star and eighties staple Alyssa Milano is returning to television with a new series called “Romantically Challenged.” Similar to the show that jump-started her career “Who’s the Boss” it has an old school sitcom set up, which would have worked if this was 1985 and scrunches were still considered a valid hair accessory. The landscape of television has changed and this show has debuted about 20 years too late.

When the commercials for “Romantically Challenged” began airing they were filled with canned laughter and bad jokes. It made you wonder if it was greenlit because of someone’s negligence or because ABC legitimately thought it was a good idea. The show centers on a recently divorced woman who thrusts herself back onto the dating scene with the help of her younger, more sexually active sister, and their two male friends (one is a playboy the other is a hopeless romantic).

Here’s what some critics had to say after viewing the first few episodes…

  • It is the sort of show that makes your head hurt a little when you are forced to think about it seriously but might reward casual attention — or inattention — with the kind of white-noise brain massage many of us turn to TV for. [LA Times]
  • Trouble is, the four lead characters feel like four standup comics delivering occasionally interlocking routines. We like them. We just need more than constant setups for one-liners. [NYDailyNews]
  • Milano is suitably equipped to be a romantic comedy heroine, but she needs far more help than she gets here. A funny line or two wouldn’t hurt, along with someone to tell her pouting is not, by itself, enough to fill a half-hour.[USA Today]

Were they a little rough? I don’t thinks so. Milano went from cult shows like “Melrose Place” and “Charmed” to this. Check out the trailer below and tell us if you start having flashbacks of TGIF.

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“Romantically Challenged” premieres Monday, April 19, 2010 on ABC.

Are you planning on watching Romantically Challenged? Does the show look funny to you?