After sifting through countless comments both entertaining and disturbing, we’re ready to announce the winner of our Twilight: New Moon Special 2-Disc DVD giveaway! To enter, you had to tell us what you would do to spend an hour with a member from the movie’s cast. Once we opened it up to all the Twihards out there we were flooded with some the strangest comments we have ever seen. Due to the sheer volume, we thought it would be fun to post some of the top contenders that caught our eye.

But before we do that let’s get to the winner…

Congratulations to:

  • Winner: Terran -”I would sit in a room of moths. I’m deathly afraid of them!”

The winner was chosen randomly and not based on “the best comment ever,” so we are going to include some of the fun quotes everyone left.

  • Jennifer: “I would grow fangs by sheer willpower!”
  • Janine & Tori: “My 6 year old daughter said she would clean her room for an hour to spend time with Alice”
  • Blair: “I would jump off a cliff, swim through the ocean below, and drive across the U.S. just to be in 100 ft of Robert Pattinson!”
  • Ellen: “I would sell my soul to the devil himself to be with Jacob.”
  • Denise: “Haha just an hour.I told my husband that I would leave him if there was really someone like Edward Cullen.”
  • @raven_1884: “i woulbe willing to spend 5 days in line . waiting to ROB to come to my town.. be first in line. bet anyone who tries to cut the line.. rain or shine. that is how much it maens to me.. VAMPS KICK ASS.”
  • @khmerxbby: “I would shave my head bald ( I’m a girl ) while brushing my teeth with the other hand with both of my eyes closed and hopping on one foot. Just to spend one hour with one of them.”
  • Dayna Hall: “I would tell my 10year old daughter that Jacob is an UGLY dog just to get to spend an hour with Mr. Pattinson-even though he is SO much younger than me! That’d probably make her cry-but… Of course to pend an hour with Taylor Lautner she’d probably do anything-including give ME away!!! Adore everyone in this cast though!!”
  • Natasha: “I have more then one there’s jacob who has that macho thing going for him which he can save me anytime, id probably try and put myself in harms way to see if he would save me, and you have edward well id probaby want to cuddle with him and watch a movie climb up some trees LOL, bella id want to jump off a cliff with she made it look fun in new moon lol, and alice and roseale id go on a sopping spre with them and emmit id probaby want to go fly out of a pane or bungee jumping so to sun it up a day at an amusment part with all ofthem would be really fun Oh and a lil shopping lol”
  • Julie: “I am pregnant and would name my unborn child after one of the characters (but it would have to be gender appropriate)! :) Self degradation and possible self endanger is out though!”

Again, thank you to all who commented. The winner will receive an e-mail shortly. Please respond ASAP so we can get your prize shipped out! If the winner does not respond within a week, the prize will be given to another commenter.

Check back often for more movie news, reviews, interviews, and cool giveaways because our next competition might have something to do with big blue aliens. Think about it.