Zac Efron is really, really trying to get away from his Disney roots by taking on more serious and adult roles. According to THR, he’s attached to star in the American remake of the Swedish thriller Snabba Cash (Easy Money) a movie that’s filled with plenty of illegal activities like drug trafficking and money laundering. Not only will Efron play the lead character but he’ll also co-produce alongside his manager Jason Barrett.

Snabba Cash is based on a novel by Jens Lapidus and was adapted into a feature film in its native Sweden. Over there it was a certified box office hit and Warner Bros is hoping for the same outcome here in the States. The film follows “three interconnected storylines involving drugs and organized crime, with the main character a young financial wizard who hopes to strike it rich quickly by becoming a runner for a coke dealer.” Can you imagine little Troy Bolton getting involved with all of that?

Warners currently has the film on the fast track because according to the “short fuse” clause in their contract if they sit on the rights too long they revert back to the original owners. Therefore, expect to see Efron popping a cap in someone’s ass and doing a line of coke on the big screen pretty soon.

What do you think of Efron producing and starring in Snabba Cash? Do you think he can handle this kind of role?