If you’re one of the devout fans who tuned in to last night’s series finale of ABC’s “Ugly Betty“, you’re probably feeling the burn this morning. How can you continue to live an existence where Betty Suarez and her oddball Mode crew are no longer present? If you’ve been pacing the floor, climbing the walls, and screaming your heart out over the show’s ending cheer up because we’ve got some good news. The cast might get together for one last hurrah in Ugly Betty: The Movie!

According to former “Ugly Betty” co-star Ana Ortiz who played Hilda (Betty’s older, more outgoing sister) on the show, there’s a real possibility that her character might show up on the big screen. In a recent interview the actress stated, “I will say this: It’s open. There may be a movie!” Not only that but she’s been swapping a couple of ideas with her co-stars and everyone seems down for the cause.

“It’s something that we’ve been talking about and it’s something that America Ferrera would really love to do. That woman has so much determination that I can’t imagine anything she puts her mind to not getting done.”

After last night’s finale there are several directions they could go with the story considering where it left off. It would be great to see Betty and Daniel in a serious relationship that’s legit and doesn’t feel forced or unnatural. It could work if written correctly and it would mimic the events that occurred in the original Spanish language version of the show.

Do you want to see an Ugly Betty movie? What storyline do you want to see explored?

Source: WENN