Around this time last year Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Kick-Ass was considered the little engine that could. No studio wanted to buy it because they thought the content was too graphic. They weren’t just afraid of violence and gore because that’s been done to death (literally), they were worried about the dialogue given to the youngest member of the cast, Chloe Moretz. In the film she plays the knife throwing, gun toting superhero Hit Girl who drops plenty of F-bombs in between her kicks and punches.

Vaughn pretty much self-financed Kick-Ass and took it to Comic-Con 2009 to give regular people the opportunity to decide whether or not they could handle Hit Girl and her foul mouth. After it was screened not only did the audience laugh and cheer but they gave the director and the cast a standing ovation. Do you think the general population will be as understanding? Do you think it’s OK for a 10 year old to curse like a sailor even if it’s just for a movie?

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The language in Kick-Ass is abrasive and Moretz does have her fair share of  R-rated material but if her parents are OK with it why should we be upset? It may seem like Vaughn and company gave her free reign to say and do anything but even they had to put their foot down when it came to certain stuff.

The other day we ran a story that discussed an amazing line that was cut from the movie because it implied that Hit Girl was a druggie who carried coke around in her Hello Kitty bag. They allow cursing, they allow guns, but they don’t f*ck around with drugs. The relationship between child stars and the “white stuff” is rocky one. There’s no need to write something like that into fruition.

Tell us what you think about Kick-Ass and whether or not the material is too hardcore for a child.