Back in January we told you about Twilight’s favorite wolf-boy Taylor Lautner and his non-vampire related deal to star in the John Moore film, Northern Lights. He was going to collect a hefty sum of $7.5 million dollars to act opposite Tom Cruise (who was attached at the time) in the flick, but that all changed when he decided to jump ship and move on to bigger and better things. Now the film’s producers are scrambling to find his replacement and they think Australian native Liam Hemsworth might be it.

According to Deadline, Hemsworth has been offered Lautner’s role in the David Ellison production and we’re pretty sure they’re not going to give him the same amount of money. Even though he’s their top choice at the moment the deal isn’t set in stone. Apparently Ellison’s a little too involved for most actor’s tastes and he’s scaring them away from the project.

“It’s scaring some actors off because David has written himself a big role in the movie which he’s also financing,” according to an insider. “What, you’re going to work for your co-star who doesn’t have a big body of work?

If that’s the vibe surrounding this film perhaps he needs to let this thing go. There are too many elements involved that are cringe worthy with the premise being one of them. The story centers on  “a gifted, young, aerobatics pilot who faces off with his controlling, billionaire father and falls in love with a gifted, female pilot.” What the hell is that? That’s bad even by Twilight standards.

Hemsworth shouldn’t get involved with this because his U.S. career is just getting off the ground and this could really put a dark spot on his resume.

Do you think Hemsworth should sign on for Northern Lights? What do you think of the film’s premise?