Yesterday the heavens opened when the powers that be named Joss Whedon as the director of the upcoming Marvel adaptation, The Avengers. Not only will he be on hand to direct the comic book masterpiece, he’ll also have input on the script and with a film of this size the story needs all the help it can get.

According to the original report from Variety (via Cinemablend), The Avengers screenplay that was written by Zak Penn will be “reworked” once Whedon comes on board. Thank God! That means all the extra garbage that doesn’t need to be there will get cut out and the characters will actually be somewhat similar to how they are in the comics.

Whedon has written for both film, television, and most importantly comic books. Penn on the other hand has a boatload of crappy projects under his belt including Elektra, X-Men: The Last Stand (shutter), and Inspector Gadget. We’re not saying he’s a complete hack because he also penned X2: X-Men United but that one movie isn’t enough to compensate for all the rest. There’s a definite lack of trust with him and this property so it’s great that Whedon will step in and clean house.

Do you think Joss Whedon should help rewrite The Avengers screenplay?