It’s been years since we’ve seen football legend Joe Namath out on the field delivering game winning plays, while wearing fur coats on the sidelines. Yeah, he was that kind of a player. If you think the young athletes today are outlandish you should take a look at Namath’s career. His eccentricities were just as famous as his talent and that’s why Hollywood has come knocking to produce a film based on his unconventional life.

According to multiple sources, Walk the Line director James Mangold is looking to direct an untitled biopic based on the former New York Jets quarterback. He’s not the first helmer to show some interest in this project, a while ago there was word that Darren Aronofsky was on a shortlist to direct with Jake Gyllenhaal attached to play Namath. Yeah, we like Gyllenhaal and all but casting him would be a very, very bad move.

After the exceptional job Mangold did with Johnny Cash’s story in Walk the Line we know he can handle biographical material. The film’s producer Andrew Lazar is scheduled to meet with the director shortly so they can iron out the production details. At the moment no actors have been cast and no studio is on board to distribute but both Universal and Paramount are likely candidates once everything gets pulled together.

It’s going to be hard to find a Hollywood actor who has the build of a football player (no skinny-leg actors need apply) along with the right amount of confidence and charisma to captivate an audience. They might have to pluck someone from obscurity for this one because we can’t think of anybody who can pull off the legendary persona of Broadway Joe.

Who do you think could play Joe Namath in the biopic?

Source: Pajiba, LA Times