The Infection: The Invasion Begins is a modern day send up of B-movies from the 1950′s and ’60′s that’s filled with no name actors and has an extremely low production budget. The film is the product of screenwriter and actor Bryan Brewer who plays the anti-hero in the story who risks his life to save an entire town from alien parasites. Is it original? No. Is it semi-watchable? Barely. Is it worth you money? Find out…

The Players:

  • Director: Howard Wexler
  • Writer: Bryan Brewer
  • Cast: Lochlyn Munro, Bryan Brewer, Kent Faulcon, David Jean Thomas, Brian Guest, Mary Kate Schellhardt, Terry Becker, Chuck Carter, Marcia Moran
  • Cinematography: Cameron Cannon
  • Original Music: Javier Abad

The Plot:

A mystery surrounds a small town that was attacked on September 9, 2009. Now sixty years later, the last survivor, Sarah, sends a high profile reporter a letter suggesting what really happened on that day. The government calls 9/9/09 the start of the “Modern Plague,” and the reporter soon realizes that the truth may be harder to uncover than the lies.

The Good:

  • Lochlyn Munro: Out of the entire cast Munro was the one actor who brought his A-game to this movie. Everyone else’s performances were stagnant, dry, and right off the page. As the overbearing sheriff of the town, Munro reveled in the questionable behavior of his character. He was an asshole on a power trip who was annoying but also entertaining.
  • Cast Interviews: The DVD extras for this movie includes a collection of interviews from the cast and crew who discuss how they got involved with the project. The only downside to it is the lack of talent that participated. At one point they actually interview a 13 year old who appeared as an infected teenager AKA a glorified extra.

The Bad:

  • The Audio/Sound: There were several scenes where the audio dipped in and out. The volume would shift during conversations where one person would be extremely louder than the other. There was also issue with ADR where the words didn’t match up correctly with the actor’s mouths.
  • Dialogue: Very cliched and repetitive dialogue filled this movie. One line in particular was repeated 5 times, which was completely unnecessary. After the second or third time the character said it, the moment had passed and it was no longer funny.
  • Makeup: One character in the very beginning and end of the movie is supposed to be an elderly person but they’re played by a young actor…and it’s obvious. It doesn’t look like a senior citizen on screen it looks like a Halloween costume gone wrong.
  • Special Effects: This is a low-budget movie so the standards for special effects are automatically lowered but there were certain things that couldn’t be ignored. If you have a limited amount of funds to spend on CGI don’t have 2 or 3 explosions in the script if you can’t afford for them to look good. They could have gone with one explosion that looked solid instead of several that were weak.


Infection: The Invasion Begins is a campy horror/sci-fi film that could easily appear on the SyFy network as a Saturday night movie because of its quality and its story. Overall, this isn’t worth an immediate purchase but if you’re looking for something light hearted that doesn’t take itself too seriously this would be great to watch on a weekend when you’ve got nothing but time to kill.

Rating: 3.5/10

Infection: The Invasion Begins is available for purchase on starting April 13, 2010.


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