If you’re one of the millions of Gleeks who watched the return of Fox’s musical hit “Glee” last night you saw magic happen. We’re not talking about the usual song and dance routines, we’re referring to Jane Lynch’s hard as nails cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester striking a pose to Madonna‘s classic, “Vogue.” Her rendition included an exact replica of the iconic music video and it was amazing. Take a look…

Sue Sylvester rocked more than usual last night and it was all thanks to Lynch letting her guard down and trying something new. The character is known for being a cold-hearted, manipulative bitch but she’s also one of the funniest people on the show (she’s running neck and neck with Kurt).

As for Sylvester’s “Vogue” video, it’s all in preparation for next week’s episode entitled, “Power of Madonna.” Sylvester’s portrayer recently spoke to MTV about doing the video tribute and she revealed that out of all the outlandish costumes she got to wear the cone bras were her favorite.

I do the ‘Vogue’ video in the Madonna episode, and we replicated everything down to the set pieces, the hair pieces, the wardrobe, the lighting. It’s in black and white, and you’re gonna love it. It’s amazing. ” Oh yeah, the cone bra, the Gaultier bra, I wear that in one scene. And it’s the most powerful I’ve ever felt in my life,” she dished. “Well, you know what, I wore the cone bra with the track suit, so it worked. It was a win, win.”

Now sit back, relax, and vogue!

This reminds us, we’ve got to buy a pinstriped power suit, grab a few male friends with soft facial features and start voguing right now. This video makes you want to move.

What do you think of Sylvester’s remake of Madonna’s vogue? Do you think Jane Lynch did a good job?