Over at Yahoo, they’ve just released a new clip from this month’s highly anticipated horror remake A Nightmare on Elm Street. It features Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger and Rooney Mara as his unsuspecting victim Nancy Thompson. This might be one of the few remakes out there actually worth your time because director Samuel Bayer went back to what made Freddy truly scary, that godforsaken boiler room! Take a look…

Sticking to the premise of the original, this film follows Freddy Krueger as he’s hunted down by the parents of a small town and burned alive for his heinous crimes against children. As his final act of revenge he decides to continue his killing spree but inside the subconscious of kids where no one can save them.

In the following clip, Nancy in wandering around a convenience store in the middle of the night searching for a friend. Unfortunately for her, she’s still in her pajamas and in the middle of a nightmare. Watch as Freddy brings her over to the dark side…

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The vague line that’s blurred between the dream world and reality is shown in a way that we’ve never seen before in the previous films. Instead of there being cuts in between the two dimensions you get to see both characters in limbo, which is fun to watch.

This is such a pleasant surprise coming from Platinum Dunes because their horror films are usually garbage. Their production of The Unborn was unforgivable and after a year I still want my money back.

What do think of the new clip from A Nightmare on Elm Street? How do you like Haley’s performance as Freddy?