The cast of CBS’s freshman hit “NCIS: Los Angeles” better run for the hills because NBC is setting up shop in their town. According to a report from Deadline, they’ve exclusively learned that the network plans on adding another series to their long running “Law & Order” franchise called “Law & Order: Los Angeles” because quite frankly “Special Victims Unit” and “Criminal Intent” just aren’t enough.

“Law & Order” godfather Dick Wolf and “Brotherhood” creator Blake Masters are penning the series, which NBC has already picked up for 13 episodes. “Law & Order: Los Angeles” or “LOLA” for short, will join “SVU,” “C.I.”, and the original “L&O” this fall when NBC announces its official 2010-11 lineup on May 17th. Those shows will be returning for their 12th, 9th, and 21st seasons respectively, which means the little engine “LOLA” has a lot to prove.

Dick Wolf is seriously turning into the George Lucas of television and by that we mean someone who constantly capitalizes off one idea to make money. It’s weird that NBC would take on this new project wholeheartedly because the last time we checked they already tried putting on a fourth “Law & Order” back in 2005 and it failed…miserably. Does the name “Trial By Jury” ring a bell? It got bought. It got aired. It got canceled.

In all honesty, the most interesting part of this show will be the cast they get for it. I smell a former A-list male actor as the headliner, paired a beautiful actress whose good looks hide her tough as nails attitude. It’s always the same format just different locations, so what can “LOLA” bring us from LA besides over tanning and fake boobs?

What do you think of Dick Wolf making another Law & Order spin-off? Will you watch? Who do you think could star on the show?