The people behind the new HBO series “Treme” are probably dancing in the street right now because the network has decided to renew the show for a second season. This may come as a surprise to some considering it just premiered this past Sunday. We’re not sure what’s in the water over at the Home Box Office network but obviously they liked what they saw and they want more.

One of the reason’s HBO is gung-ho for “Treme” is because it’s one of the many TV creations from David Simon, as in the guy who brought us “Generation Kill” and (hold on to something)…”The Wire“. The show is set in New Orleans 3 months after hurricane Katrina and centers on a “diverse group of residents as they rebuild their lives and the neighborhood that lends the show its name.”

If the premise and the creative genius behind “Treme” doesn’t catch your attention perhaps the cast will, it features Melissa Leo, John Goodman, Khandi Alexander, Rob Brown, Steve Zahn (yes, I said Steve Zahn!), Wendell Pierce, and Kim Dickens. The powers that be over at HBO have already seen the majority of the first season and after viewing it they knew right away they wanted another one.

HBO president Michael Lombardo said, “We’ve seen the first nine episodes; it’s as strong as any show we’ve seen. Much like The Wire, the audience is so passionate and so invested. We’re about servicing our subscriber base and I believe that people will become addicted to this show. We have to be a place where this kind of excellence is giving space to continue.”

You heard what he said, “Treme” is “much like “The Wire.” If this was any other no-name show being compared to one of the best dramas ever created, that statement would be offensive but since Simon’s involved with it we’ll let it slide.

You can catch “Treme” Sundays on HBO at 10 pm.

Did you watch Treme’s series premiere? Are you surprised was renewed so soon?

Source: AP, THR