Kenny Loggins was wrong, everybody doesn’t want to get Footloose because once again the lead actor of the remake has dropped out. When the movie was first announced, there was word that Zac Efron and his wispy bangs would headline the project. After a few months he left, which opened the door for “Gossip Girl’sChace Crawford and his piercing blue eyes but now he’s decided that he doesn’t want to dance anymore either.

Crawford’s reps confirmed that he will no longer play the lead in Footloose, opposite “Dancing With the Stars” champion Julianne Hough and under the director Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow). When two actors bail out on the same part in a movie it might be a sign that it shouldn’t be made, especially if its for the main character. But Paramount isn’t giving up that easily. They’re restructuring their casting plans to include unknowns from across the country.

We’re not sure why the studio can’t take a hint, but if the show must go on who do you think can come in and save the day? Since young Hollywood actors have pretty much given Footloose the finger maybe they could pluck someone from No-mans-land, Iowa and make them a star but something tells me that’s not going to happen.

Don’t be surprised if the opportunist management team behind Taylor Lautner throw his name in the ring as a casting contender. That kid has been signing movie deals left and right because he knows the Twilight train is headed back to the station. All he’d have to do is a couple of backflips for the producers and he’ll be in because everyone knows the gymnastics element of Footloose is what really sold that movie (props to Kevin Bacon’s stunt double from the original).

What do you think about Chace Crawford dropping out of Footloose? Who do you think should replace him?

Source: EW