With so many films underway we have a lot of big names being cast in a variety of different types of films. So many in fact that we decided to round them all up and give them to you in one helping. From a film about a tattoo baring stripper in a Democratic party butter carving competition to an acting legend finishes one of the biggest remakes of all time for a Carell comedy, here are some recent castings that caught our eye…

  • Just why has actress Olivia Wilde been working on her Iowa accent and butter carving skills? Accoring to Movieline, Wilde had been cast as a sexy stripper in Jim Field Smith’s comedy, Butter. The role was originally going to go to Kate Hudson but she backed out. Show us what you got Wilde!
  • British filmmaker Jonathan Newman is busy casting for his new project Foster. According to THR, he already has Toni Collette, Ioan Groffodd and Richard E. Grant cast for the film which is being produced by Bend it Like Beckham producer Deepak Nayar.
  • Kevin Bacon seems like a work-a-holic these days.  The actor just wrapped up Prachya Pinkaew’s film Elephant Man in Thailand but rumor has it he has his next project already set. According to HollywoodReporter Bacon just joined the as of yet untitled Steve Dan Fogelman-Steve Carell project. Check out who else is set to star in the film.

Who are you must glad to see cast?