Last weekend Tina Fey returned to her old stomping grounds at “Saturday Night Live” and was attacked by a swarm of young fans when she arrived on set. Oh no, they weren’t there for her, they were trying to catch of glimpse of Justin Bieber and his wispy bowl cut. The combination of these two was obviously a force to be reckoned with because it scored “SNL” one of its highest ratings this season.

When Fey and ‘The Bieb’ took to the stage they easily won their time slot by earning an estimated 9.2 million total viewers and a 5.7/14 overnight rating, the highest since Charles Barkley hosted with Alicia Keys as the musical guest earlier this year (10.4 million total viewers, 6.5/18). There are countless theories as to why the show did so well in comparison to previous episodes (January Jones you were horrible, never host again!), but here’s what we think happened.

An obvious reason is because of those batsh*t crazy teens who wanted to see Bieber sing his little heart out (which didn’t sound great) and perform an inappropriate sketch about having a romantic relationship with his teacher. Also, Fey was head writer on “SNL” for years and she was damn good at it but since she left, the show has been in the dumps and people wanted to see if she could kick it up a notch.

Even though we weren’t completely blown away by her sketches, Fey went in hard on the whole Tiger Woods scandal and we mean HARD. She was clearly speaking as a wife and mother when she ripped his ladies a new one during Weekend Update. She was kicking ass and taking names later. We weren’t sure if we should laugh or cry because she wasn’t pulling any punches. Food for thought, never get on Tina Fey’s bad side because she will beat you down with her wit and comedic timing.

See the damage for yourself as Fey dishes the cold, hard truth:

What did you think of Fey’s appearance on Saturday Night Live last week? Why did you tune in?

Source: Examiner

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